Abu Dhabi Big Bus Tours

Everybody has a different way of looking at the city. Some people relish and admire the modernization and manmade miracles. At the same time, some people get attracted to the historical monuments. Beaches and street food outlets attract some people and some admire the natural beauty of the country.  There are innumerable ways of exploring the city and you choose the best suiting to your needs. Of course, availability of various options and affordability are equally important aspects. When you are in Abu Dhabi, there are practically unlimited options of roaming around in the city and the world famous Big Bus tours are just incredible!
Looking at the best places of Abu Dhabi from an open-top bus offers great convenient and a lot of fun. It saves a lot of time and let the tourists enjoy the very taste of Abu Dhabi in an unperturbed and friendly way. Open-top tour is always exciting because you get the best views from the top of a huge bus. Set the best camera angles and upload the latest snaps and status update on social networking sites. These tours are conducted by renowned tour operators who offer online running commentary (recorded one) that goes in synchronization with the movement of the bus.

The buses are designed to explore Abu Dhabi from the open top. However, those who are not much comfortable about the idea can sit in the air-conditioned cabins. These cabins are located on the upper deck and they are covered with large glass windows to offer a clear view of the city. Hot and cold beverages and snacks are served during the tour, both complimentary and chargeable basis. The coffee shop serves a variety of flavors including the famous Arabic coffee with rich cream and nuts. 

The best part of Big Bus tours is the incredible facility of hop on and hop-off that gives tourists the freedom of choosing their own precedence. If you want to spend time on a location of your interest, then get down from the bus. The ticket has limited-time validity and you can plan your day accordingly. The bus routes and timings are planned so well that you don’t miss a single destination during the trip. These tours are the best to explore the incredible world unbelievable masterpieces in Abu Dhabi. There can be nothing more economical and effective mode of transport in the city than Big Bus tours. It is an experience worth taking!

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