Abu Dhabi Corniche Beach - A Must Visit Beach

Fun and adventure is one of the foremost identities of Abu Dhabi. That recurrently attracts amusement aspirants to this fabulous place. Especially those coming from the western geography are highly inclined to it because they know that innumerable adventurous activities are promised here. Right from the beachside fun to pleasure rides and mouthwatering dishes to fine wine sipping, everything here assures them a memorable time. So if you are considering Abu Dhabi as your next holiday destination, choose it blindly; not a single lethargic moment is to be experienced. Thanks to a versatile and favorable package from an operator you love to explore Abu Dhabi in every possible way.

Why is it special

A major contributor in the development of tourism in Abu Dhabi has been the stupendous growth of infrastructure. This has been well accorded by nurturing amusement areas which have turned into places of attraction for visitors. From that standpoint, Abu Dhabi Corniche is truly a loving spot.

Developed lately, this riverside site is a treat to watch and be at. The panoramic view of its sandy beach is already the sooth your senses deserve. It extends to the long walkway which has been brought up into Mediterranean-style.

When to be here/What to do

A must do thing when you are near Corniche is to go to Mina port and dhow cruise after having pre booked tickets. Nuzhath Ideas helps you get the tickets for regular dinner dhow cruise at Abu Dhabi.

As a beach lover, you would want to spend a lot of time over the Abu Dhabi Corniche. The scenic spot makes you unstoppably look for a way to sit by the seashore. Gladly, you can easily find a beach umbrella and sunbed available on rent. However, because occupancy here is too high on Fridays being holiday, it is better you choose other days. Why risk the tranquility you want to enjoy here!

In addition that sensation time you will spend beside the beach, you may want to pick any of the Sheesha cafes situated around. They are aplenty and are an inseparable identity of the Corniche. Seated underneath a local yet professionally raised ambience, you will enjoy the strangeness of this place.

To add some extra adventure and fun, you can also have a bicycle ride here. Mount one with your partner or alone and go visiting the Sheraton, Hilton or the Chamber of Commerce.

With so much fun and frolic on cards, you must multiply it with an ideal package with a commercial tour programmer. It takes care of your comfort in every way and gives you more opportunities to relax in a better way!

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