Abu Dhabi Cycling Fun Ride

Cycling is the best way to stay healthy. Doctors and dieticians recommend this exercise for good health and fitness. However, cycling fun ride at Abu Dhabi is for fun and entertainment, as the name suggest. The obvious benefits of cycling are certainly there. Cycling is an excellent way to explore this vibrant city. Especially Yas Islands are famous for exciting options of biking . There are various options for guided/unguided tours at the rental stations. Various operators are there with innumerable cycles of different shapes and sizes. It has become one of the major attractions today and not only tourists, but local residents also enjoy it on weekends or holidays. It is a complete family fun!

Yas Marina Circuit, the golf course, and the famous Yas Viceroy hotel. You get a break at the most appropriate place and time. Stop for half an hour at Ferrari World Welcome pavilion and see the ultimate manmade wonder of Abu Dhabi. Tour operators provide helmets, drinking water, guide during the expedition. You will be given a group photograph at the end to make the memories immortal.

Night tours are for those who don’t find time during daytime. They are also equally exciting, though the duration is 1 hour and you travel 5 kilometers distance. It covers Yas Marina, Yas Viceroy Hotel and Yas Marina Circuit. There is no halt at Ferrari World. Rest all facilities are the same as day tours.

Corniche beach. Biking on the cast is an incredible experience. It is not a round tour and you have to leave the bikes at the destination point. The distance travelled is almost 8 kilometers from the eastern corner to the west end.

Cycling fun rides are highly exciting and it gives a chance to look at the city from a fresh perspective. Enjoy a thrilling ride on the streets of Yas Island or along the Corniche beach and admire the beauty and serenity of Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the UAE. It is a lovely place to visit!

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