Emirates Park Zoo Abu Dhabi

Kids have a gala time in Emirates Park Zoo. They get amazed with the wide variety of animals there. Among hundreds of animals, a pair of white tigers and a Siberian bear are the main attractions. There are lions, cheetahs and zebras housed in the zoo.  The park is the first private zoo in the country. It is located at Al-Baha, the north-eastern corner of the capital city. The distance is 35 kilometers from the main city. It opens at 9AM in the morning. The park has been equipped with ‘mist machines’ to keep the surroundings cool. However, it is advised to go there early because it is difficult to spot animals sometimes due to excessive heat.

Food is not at all an issue in the zoo because you have tasty eating joints at every corner. There are innumerable varieties of food and beverages to select from. Munch snacks while walking around or sit at a comfortable place and finish your food first. The lounges and cafeterias are nicely decorated and neatly maintained. It is a superb experience to have delicious food items with a backdrop of beautiful animals. It is like watching a wildlife channel. It is possible to feed the animals (with prescribed food, of course) and take snaps if you want.

Well nurtured animals kept in a suitable environment make this zoo just unique. The park has a unique misting system to keep the surroundings cool, so you don’t worry about the heat. Moreover, there are many vendors outside the main gate selling straw hats, summer caps and goggles. There are souvenir shops where you can purchase T-shirts, gift items and decorative pieces all with a wildlife theme. Buy for yourself or the near and dear ones as memories of this great zoo

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