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Ferrari is undoubtedly the most sought and loved vehicle all around the globe. Abu Dhabi brings an incredible chance to have a close look at the dream vehicle, along with unique rides, dining places, museums, entertainment centers, shopping malls; everything dedicated to Ferrari, Ferrari and Ferrari. Everything is in inspired by the Italian classic vehicle there. Travel geeks endorse this wonderful park with a grand applause and recommend it as one of the ‘must see’ things at Abu Dhabi.  Built on the world famous Yas Island, the park is worth visiting whether you are on a honeymoon trip or a family vacation.  Especially for car lovers it is a place not to be missed at any cost!

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The gargantuan property boasts mind-blowing attractions for people of all ages and no wonder it has been acclaimed as one of the best tourist projects in the world. More than 10k people visit this dream world every day and enjoy dozens of rides that are unique of their kinds.

Organizers claim that the park has a unique combination of rides that suit the interests and inclination of every tourist, from hard-core thrill rides to family and kids friendly activities. It is surely the paramount tourist place on the earth. In last five years after the inception, the park hasn’t looked back in terms of popularity and footfall. 

It has certainly fulfilled the dreams and ambitions of the chief architects who perceived it as the best entertainment option for people visiting Abu Dhabi. The jaw-dropping dimensions keep the spectators in a mesmerized state of mind. As soon as you enter in the fascinating world of this great amusement park, it captures the visitors with unbelievably huge dimensions.

The roller-coasters here are one of fastest and most furious ones. You can’t explain the feeling of accelerating to the speed of a Formula 1 car in just 4 seconds. Breathtaking ups and down, twists and turns and climbs and drops keep you in a state where force more than 4 times applies on you. That makes it a ride for superbly athlete bodies.  However, there are so many other rides that are not so furious and you can enjoy with family and kids. Driving simulators make you feel like riding your own Ferrari with the most realistic visual effects.

No entertainment place is complete without dining and shopping. Visiting huge Ferrari store and huge restaurants and dining places is just incredible. It is a place with excitement, energy and passion for each member of the family. That makes it a true family place, not just a theme park.

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