Abu Dhabi Fishing Tour

Though Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE, it still retains a calm and pristine undercurrent of the good old days. In spite of hustles and bustles of modern lifestyle, you can still expect the unexpected there. If you are fond of fishing, then the city brings incredible opportunity of enjoying it. With a strategic location in the UAE, this T-shaped city sits on the southern edge of the Persian Gulf. There are designated areas for fishing where trained people accompany visitors to make sure the voyage is successful in most of the cases.

Visitors are issued a temporary license for a short time (typically one week) that allows them to fish using conventional hand line or rod. However, if you want to experience the thrill of commercial fishing, then it is good to join a tour company that has deep-sea fishing license. The coastline of Abu Dhabi is amazingly rich with a wide variety of species all round the year. However, the best time for fishing starts in September and ends in March or April where you have the highest probability of catching fishes. Dorado, queenfish. Kingfish and Tauna are the most famous species found in the gulf of Abu Dhabi.

Boat fishing excursions vary from a half-day tour to two-three days voyage depending on individual interest. Fishing guides and services are usually offered by good quality tour operators. Nowadays hotels also arrange fishing tours for their guests keeping in view the increasing popularity of fishing. Contact an experienced tour operator who knows the best fishing places in the area where there is always a high priority of getting good fishes. It is a superb experience floating on the tranquil gulf water in search of the best lot. The water is dazzlingly clear and you can enjoy glimpses of a wide variety of species.

After reaching  the main fishing area, cast a line into the water and enjoy reading the bestseller novel you are carrying with. It needs tremendous patience and endurance to grab the best catch. However, there is no need to get disappointed if it wasn’t your day. After all, you didn’t go there to catch the best fish. The experience itself is worth taking.

A typical fishing tour includes travel to the best spots, food and refreshments, fishing equipment and guidance and a lot of fun and excitement. Book an authentic agency today and feel the thrill of it!

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