Abu Dhabi Helicopter Tour

Want to have an aerial view of the magnificent monuments of Abu Dhabi? This incredible idea is not just a work of imagination, but it is possible to fly on top of the beautiful city in a helicopter. Take off from the fantastic helipad and have the most memorable trip of life. The hovering machine takes you to the great heights and the ‘queen of cities’ appears in a totally new avatar in front of you. Only six passengers can accompany the pilot in the wonderful flight that takes through the world famous Corniche beachfront, hops over the great mosque and fly unbelievably low over Saddiyat Island so that you can have a clear view. The trip covers everything Abu Dhabi is famous for.

Ferrari Worldor Abu Dhabi Mall, the Saddiyat Island or Dhow cruise. Helicopter tour is another feather in the crown.

The concept got clicked everybody from the day of inception. It all started a few years back with an idea of adding one more dimension to the fun and thrill for tourists visiting the city. Thousands of tourists availed the services and admired the charm and thrill of it. A bird’s eye view of this beautiful city gives entirely fresh perspective towards the buildings, monuments, hotels and bridges. Just like Dhow cruise, it opens new windows to admire the beauty of the manmade creations.  The tours offer various choices to people and they can select the best suiting their needs.

Helicopter tour becomes a main tourist attraction because the operators have always tried to give the best services to people. Corporate houses and tour operator add it as a special attraction in their Abu Dhabi tours. It is a fact that Abu Dhabi helicopter tours are much affordable than people think. Especially, for those who want to experience something unusual and unique, the idea of hovering over the great city is simply superb. Moreover, a few people want to see the monuments from a new and fresh angle that is possible only through the sky. It is an unforgettable moment watching the great city of Abu Dhabi from incredible heights.

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