Abu Dhabi Heritage Village

Oil, the prime identity for which Gulf is widely known, is the best and most extensive source of income here. It generates majority of employment in the geography and continues to be the high revenue originator, because of its vast domestic and overseas supply. This identity is visibly seen in Abu Dhabi as well. It has led to abundant luxury which is quite noticeable in the palaces, forts, hotels, tourism, hospitals, etc.

In other words, you don’t need to go finding reasons for coming over to Abu Dhabi. Just go by your wildest dreams of frolicking or adventuring around a fabulous destination and you are sure to find everything over here.

A large contribution to the development of tourism in Abu Dhabi has been brought by its culture and heritage. On one hand, there are those numerous places of cultural significance where you will see the original artwork depicting in many forms. On the other, a whole bunch of places exhibit the proud heritage of Abu Dhabi thereby showcasing the very Arabian classical history. In this respect, there is a special mention about Abu Dhabi Heritage Village. In your package, you can always ask the tour operators to include the Heritage Village.

You can recognize a rare castle from a long distance. The moment you enter, you are taken back to the history, those days when oil was not so profoundly explored. Right from the prehistoric mosque to the ersatz (or artificial) souz and from the Bedouin bivouac to the Barasti house, strange inclusions wait to be explored here. Richness of the heritage can be clearly glanced when you see craftsmen meticulously designing Bedouin jewellery, making pots used in cooking and weaving traditional Arabic attires.

It should be quite interesting for you to see how skillful hands produce equipments which are predominantly used by merchants and pearl divers and the harness used on camels.

So this is not any less than a village setup here but the place truly tells you the story of Abu Dhabi’s heritage.

You will be taken here by a luxury vehicle. The officials escorting you will take every care of your convenience and serve tasty snacks on the way. There is no scarcity of healthy drinking water and good quality food anywhere. On the way, you can every stop by to take snaps of beautiful surroundings. A great time awaits you – decide now to be at Abu Dhabi.

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