Abu Dhabi Shuja Yacht

When you come to Abu Dhabi, the expectations are obviously very high because of various reviews and blogs you go through. Indeed the city brings innumerable choices of fun and excitement. Right from widespread desert to huge malls and from incredible helicopter tours to a city ride in ‘open roof-top’ buses; a plethora of activities are there for everyone in the family. It is quite important that you plan the tour well so that no important activity gets missed out. Abu Dhabi is a splendid mix of modern and ancient things.  Great locations and warm hospitality make it great place to visit!

Among all the fun and frolic, an out-of-the-world experience waits for you in the form of Shuja Yacht. The trip starts from Marina mall and takes you for a 2 hours ride to a great expedition. Beautifully maintained yachts offer great sightseeing and some of the best foods in Abu Dhabi. You can take snaps of all famous monuments while enjoying cool breeze on the deck. The chefs prepare delicious platters of lobsters, crabs, fish and other delicacies. It is a complete family entertainment where you have decent and calm gentry around. If you are on a honeymoon tour and need little bit more privacy, then book spots on the deck which is relatively quieter place.  Floating around gently on the creek and feeling the majesty of the great city an experience worth taking.

Gulf is the inseparable part of Abu Dhabi and you can have some of the best experiences like Dhow Cruise or Shuja Yacht. It is an unforgettable experience to see the city from a fresh perspective. After roaming around the city and exploring all wonderful places, it is worth spending a few hours in the beautiful surroundings and cool sea breeze. The tours are arranged by professional operators by charging affordable money.
Shuja Yatcht offers the best value for money to people when you compare the comfort, luxury and style with a price tag. It is the best romantic gateway for those who are travelling with their sweetheart and at the same time a perfect entertainment place for people travelling with kids. If you want to have a different experience of floating on the calm creek on the coast side of the capital city, then stepping aboard a Shuja Yacht is the best choice. The perfect seafood buffet and elegant ambiance make the voyage memorable.

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