Abu Dhabi Luxury Yacht Packages

Middle East has become a favorite spot for luxury yachts from quite some time. After spending quite a busy schedule in the summers, they did not have any option other than waiting for favorable condition once again. At the most, they could move to the Caribbean. The routes to reach locations in the Indian Ocean or the Middle East were was not safe at that time. However, the situation has turned dramatically today and there is no risk in reaching beautiful places like Abu Dhabi and Dubai. That is the reason today Abu Dhabi has gained immense popularity for luxury yachts.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has got immense reputation and fame today. Experts say that it is considered next to the most prestigious Monaco Grand Prix. It has been found that many yacht owners who were not interested in sending their yachts earlier consider now Abu Dhabi as the preferred destination.

It is a fact that yachting is equally prestigious as the Formula 1 racing event.  Both get maximum eyeballs and both are liked by the elite class. Very high level of skill and expertise are required to get command over it. They are symbols of the finest things in life. Exotic yachts make them spectacular and that is the reason people worldwide get attracted towards this exciting event. Abu Dhabi being a paradise for high-profile tourists becomes a natural claimant for this splendid event. Millionaires from every nuke and corner of the world go there to spend a gala time. No wonder, Abu Dhabi government makes it one of the signature events of the country.  Huge inflow of tourists gives a significant boost to the already flourished economy of this great country.

Abu Dhabi government makes every possible attempt to make it a gala event. Due to complete backing of it the country has been able to make its presence as a recognized yacht player in the world. Actually it has shown more perseverance than the Mediterranean and Caribbean centers.  They want to send a clear message to the world that Abu Dhabi has potential to become the next hub for Yachting activities by organizing the prestigious Abu Dhabi Yacht show. So far, the response has been excellent and authorities are confident that the same will grow manifold in the coming years. It is sure that a full-fledged yachting event is waiting for the spectators because Abu Dhabi believes in doing everything larger than life.

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