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Why do people want to visit museums? Simply because they want to know the magnificent past of the place they have been visiting. When you come to a place like Abu Dhabi, which is one of the most astonishing cities where a great past and equally great future get blended with a brilliant present, a visit to Al Ain museum is a must.

Located around 150 kilometers from Abu Dhabi, travel to this wonderful museum itself is a feast to the eyes. Feel the real fragrance of the Middle East and admire the picturesque surroundings of palm trees and a widespread desert.

The museum Al Ain Museum gives glimpses of the unique Arabic culture and traditions in huge galleries with a grand collection of apparels, jewellery, musical instruments, pottery, weapons, and handicrafts. It is advised that you must keep at least one day for the museum.   It has been established in the main palace of the royal family. It used to be the place of residence prior to the discovery of oil in the region and later converted into a museum. The precious relics have been preserved and maintained well in three different sections:

  • Archeology:  This is quite a rich section and some of the artifacts are as old as the first millennium BC. They have been collected from the nearby places. It underlines that fact that ancient civilizations were there in the desert of Sahara.
  • Ethnography: It shows facets of Bedouin jewelry, art, culture and lifestyle. Bedouins used to live in the extreme hardships of the desert with their spirit of survival. It is a great experience visiting this section. You can find quite interesting and useful information about their way of living. Clothes, utensils, weapons, and many other things have been displayed here.
  • Gifts: It includes the personal collection of the gifts received by Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan during his lifetime. This is quite an interesting section where you can find golden weapons (swords and daggers), unique pieces of art, and a magnificent golden palm tree.

There is an entrance fee for the museum and it opens at 8AM local time. On Fridays, it opens at 3PM local time. Closing time is 7.30PM local time all days and Fridays are offs.  Al Ain museum raises the curtain from so many hidden parts of the great Arabic history. Everybody who has an interest in the past should see and admire this great place.

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