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You can be an adventurous, fun loving and explorative individual and might even be having a family that joins you in your passion for travel. However, being foodie becomes a perfect combination with all the above. In fact, when you are a bon vivant, you outstandingly compliment with all the rest qualities because, after all, every place has its food specialties. Add to it the fine dining arrangement and you may unstoppably go anywhere with the range offered. Of course, world’s best beers are a surplus addition to your taste buds. All this indicates only one thing – Abu Dhabi stands to be the best and foremost place of attraction for you.

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Could you want to imagine yourself sipping the most tempting beer with the astonishingly lusty Belgian carte de jour? You definitely know what it means! And when at Abu Dhabi, you already got a well set opportunity in the form of Belgian Beer Cafe. First most adorable over this world class cafe is for the unending list of brews which comprise of sensational fruit combinations. We cannot go about without mentioning the very special strawberry beer Floris Fraise. Sitting in the midst of the Brussels pub, your foodie temptations multiply as you are served the very original and tasty Dhabi desert.

Your experience has got to be memorable because of the perfect combination of ambiance, service and beers. At such an internationally illustrious place, you just cannot ignore to have imported beers too. These beers come from their land of origin – Europe. Want to multiply your thrill? Get the curry gravy to accompany you. Want more variety? Include your favourite marinades or ask for mussels and frites. Accompanied by lively people and sitting in an energetic aura, you are bound to forget yourself and just flow with the proceedings here.

Belgian Beer Cafe is one of its own, and so is the assortment of beers it presents! But this is not alone; many such attractions exist in here at Abu Dhabi. This is the reason many tourists just find a moment to rest – they just want to go on exploring the land famous for its history, culture, heritage, art, entertainment, luxury and what not. Together with the food, wine and beer, you might still be having your own reasons to enjoy Abu Dhabi. Make sure you get a prolific tour agency to have a versatile plan, complete with all the facilities desired.

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