Cristal Abu Dhabi- Entertainments

After a full day of hectic schedule, when you want to spend a few hours at a place filled with total fun and entertainment there is nothing better than Cristal. The stylish bar of The Millennium Hotel is adorned with beautiful wooden work of Mahogany, the precious wood.

You get zapped with the first appearance of it because you have never imagined a candle-lit ambiance with a beautiful fireplace. The aroma of the best liquors and the premium cigars capture your nerves and you are ready for multiple rounds. When you finish official work early, there is no need to waste time in the hotel. Come straight to this great bar and enjoy happy hours that start from 5PM and continue till 8PM, the bar is open till 2AM though. This place is full with thrill and that’s why it is just perfect for the testosterone-filled gentry.

An urge to spend evenings in a stylish and impressive place gets fulfilled by Cristal and you can’t avoid its pull. Order the preferred drink and cuddle in the smooth and comfy chair as if you have to spend a life there. If you are a party animal, then find out the most charming lady and make it a memorable evening. It is guaranteed that you don’t get such a superb collection of wines and cigars. The alluring interior and unmatched Arabic hospitality offer a perfect retreat after a long tiring day. You enter in a bar with high expectations of recreation and Cristal doesn’t disappoint you at all!

It is an escape from the urban rush to a soothing mix of classic old times and exotic contemporary style. The charm and appeal of Cristal get multiplied with the melodious music numbers played by live entertainers.  Pamper yourself with the platters of tasty starters and snacks and finish one drink after the other.  The soothing melodies create a magical effect.

Cristal is not an expensive alternative, especially when you avail happy hours. There are 10% service charge and 6% tourist tax is applicable over and above the final tally. The bar also has special theme nights on Mondays and Fridays and the timings are usually in the evening.

It is just perfect place with friendly and warm atmosphere and absolute sophistication. Take the office colleagues or business partners and impress them with the high-quality, high-profile bar. Spend extended evenings in a place you just can’t resist!

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