Emirates National Auto Museum

Your vacationing ideas are mostly driven by your tastes for fun, adventure and rarity. These aspects actually tempt you to a specific holiday destination making you anticipate most frolicking moments and give a remarkable break to you and your family. Abu Dhabi is obviously one of the chosen destinations all over the world however because of the diversity this place presents, you must look at all that makes it so special. An interesting inclusion in your list of sightseeing alternatives over here is Emirates National Auto Museum. Make sure you book your trip with a renowned agency and you will always be sure that such distinct places are part of your package.

What is special?

This national museum with international recognition has Liwa Oasis around it and its pyramid structure gets visible from many kilometers away. After you are picked from your hotel in Abu Dhabi, it is a 45 Km. drive on E 65 highway towards the south. Now, before you start wondering what is it that makes the museum so much known, just know that it embraces an exclusive collection of vehicles. Once you get here, you actually realize this; you might not have even heard of the 1885 modeled Mercedes, which was steam-powered or the vintage American car classics.

In addition to witnessing some of the most unusual vehicles right when you enter the museum, there are numerous awe-inspiring attractions here. You might have seen vehicle collections but never a motor home comprising eight bedrooms with complete ambience. Don’t miss the Globe Trailer which has been tagged as ‘earth on wheels’.

Museum Owner

This museum is an independently raised and maintained compilation, which is owned by ‘Rainbow Sheikh’, the profound name given to Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan. The sheikh’s love and passion for cars, particularly Mercedes 500 SEL, get evident when you know that he owned seven cars and rode one every weekday. He also had each car painted with the one of the rainbow colours. This is what led to his identity as the Rainbow Sheikh.

A hangar-size ode to the auto, the Emirates National Auto Museum is one of those kooky roadside attractions one does not really expect in these parts. Some 45km south of Abu Dhabi, on the lonely Hwy E 65 towards the Liwa Oasis, the pyramid-shaped structure holds 250 vehicles – from concept cars to American classics – the oldest being a steam-powered Mercedes from 1885. It's the private collection of, aka the ‘Rainbow Sheikh’ (in 1983 the sheikh bought seven Mercedes 500 SEL, one for each day of the week, painted in the colours of the rainbow).

Your stay at Abu Dhabi and the travel for sightseeing in surrounding places is perfectly managed by a professional operator. Cuisine specialties, drinks and water are well served all through your vacation. All essentials of your fun and health are meticulously taken care because a team of guest relationship officer stands on its toes. Such a comforting trip is a must to have when you are in Abu Dhabi.

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