Emirates Palace At Abu Dhabi

A great hotel always puts a long-lasting impression in the mind of a visitor. The more luxurious the hotel is, the longer it lasts. We can say that after visiting Emirates Palace, the impression is everlasting. This is certainly one of the best places we can imagine. It was built with the objective of creating an architectural masterpiece that reflects the richness and glory of the Arabic culture up to the maximum extent. Truly, the hotel fulfills the criteria. Being the incomparable place for luxury, elegance, and tradition, it welcomes people of global stature.

You have come across many palaces but have you ever seen a palace which is as much regal today as it was when built? You must have heard of various majestic forts but have you heard of a fort which cost more than 2.9 million dollars to its owner? You have seen many beaches around the world but have you ever been to a beach privately located in the fort?

Well, your answer is definitely no because such a fort can only be imagined in dreams, or best it can be viewed in movies. However, a strange revelation for you here is that such a fort exists on this earth and it is located in Abu Dhabi. Most importantly, it is never impossible to get here because a simple travel plan can easily get you here with your family. This package is inclusive many other places of interest. So start packing your bags now as Emirates Palace – the renowned fort we are discussing here, is waiting to be explored.

The famous building, which was once the prestigious fort, has now been transformed into a trendy hotel where extravagance is spread all over. Construction cost of this palace is estimated to be 11 Billion Dh. that is equivalent to USD 3 million. This whooping construction cost becomes all the more viable when you start feeling the marble and gold predominantly used in the edifice. So in this vast periphery, there are 400 rooms and suites where people can accommodate as per their choice of comfort and luxury. Should you like, you can also spend some time at the private beach in the fort. This beach ranges to 1.3 Km and promises a rare experience.

The uniqueness of the Emirates Palace does not end here. It also comprises of an ATM that delivers gold bars. Don’t you think it’s a great idea to withdraw gold bars from your ATM?

An afternoon tea over here is never pricier than 225 Dh. You may decide to sit and sip it or proceed further towards the Barakat Gallery. This gallery is a sensational collection of artwork of artists from Egypt, Rome, China, Africa, etc.

Abu Dhabi is host to many such fabulous and luxurious destinations. You can plan your visit at just a click under your fingertip  with a god tour operator for a package and get loads of exclusive benefits bundled up for your convenience and entertainment!

Abu Dhabi has long been a place of interest for tourists all over the world. Two things that have predominantly drawn their interest are – adventure and luxury. On one hand, desert safari has promised unbelievable adventuring alternatives which travellers just can’t miss and are more than inclined to get into the action. Then, of course, there is the luxury which is quite obvious in the service here, as also the kingly buildings and tangy cuisines. In short, visiting Abu Dhabi is a complete package comprising a variety of fun activities, sightseeing options, lip smacking delicacies and of course, the very Arabian splendour.

The consummate luxury
Interior of this wonderful hotels amazes visitors with the ultimate perfection and style. Most of the suits are furnished with valuable wood, marble and gold. With 300+ rooms and 90+ suites, the hotel proudly owns the distinction of being one of the most expensive hotels in the world. It is the designated hotel for foreign delegates and chiefs of other countries. Since it is the designated place of stay for the royal family and chiefs from other countries, the facilities and luxuries are just incredible.  

Wonderfully landscaped garden of The Emirates Palace spreads across 100 hectares and contains the best specimens of palms and exotic fountains. A magnificent beach (hotel’s own property) of 1.3 kilometers long, golf courses, cricket grounds, rugby pitches, water sports, fitness suites and health spas add to its luxury.

Visiting as a non-resident guest
You need not be a millionaire to appreciate the top-notch beauty of Emirates Palace. Those who can’t afford to stay there can also go in the public areas and admire the super-luxurious hotel without spending a penny. Lobbies, gardens, restaurants and shops are accessible to the non-residents. Buffet dinners, breakfast, and cafeteria is available on chargeable basis. Though you can go without intimation, but it is difficult to get a room during busy hours. Extensive menus offer a variety of hot and cold beverages. The hotel is famous for hosting various types of national and international exhibitions. However, it should be noted that entry may be restricted on certain occasions if you do not have booking for restaurant or café. Usually on Fridays there are governments meetings happen in the hotel and entry for casual guests is totally restricted. There are dress code and code of conduct in the hotel.  Shorts and revealing clothes are not allowed. Gather enough information about it beforehand.

Why it is special?

When you count on the numerous worth visiting places in Abu Dhabi, you must count on the Emirates Palace. The palace is rejoiced today as a glamorous hotel where you got all the reasons to drop down. Extravagance is the only adverb that comes to your mind when you see its construction. You naturally feel like being in a princely fort when you realize that the floor you are walking over is pure marble and the gleam on walls you are watching is absolute gold. No wonder why it is said to be constructed more than 11 billion Dh!

All you can do is know that the palace has some 400 suites rooms, together with 120 domes, each of which adorns more than a thousand chandeliers made out of fine crystal. Look up and you will see those marvellous creations hanging overhead. And that’s not all. To multiply gambol, there is this private beach spread across 1.3 kilometres and that is a rare combination.

You might be too familiar with an ATM but think again; this ATM at the Emirates hands out gold bars. Have you seen such a machine elsewhere?

What to do here?

At such a majestically raised and maintained palace, you cannot go about considering at least  tea, if not the lunch or dinner. Afternoon tea here would cost you only 225 Dh. Sounds pricey? Well, just roam around in the long lobby here and walk through the Barakat Gallery, which is full of sensational artworks. These are classy works of artists from Africa, Rome, Egypt, China and other places.

You may also want to visit the Saadiyat Island Cultural District Exhibition. You need a right agency that cares of your every need on a trip to Abu Dhabi. Just be a little proactive in informing your priorities and places of interest.

Emirates Palace is capable of giving the supremacy of luxury, comfort and elegance to the guests. Traditional Arabic surroundings and an unmatched personalized service are the key differentiating factors.

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