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A place that you have never seen before

Falcons have an extraordinary importance in the culture of the UAE. They are considered symbol of vigor, rigor and perfection. People love them, admire them and take care of them. With the pristine thought of offering the best medical care for this magnificent bird, the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital was established in the year 1999. Since then, it has cured and cared thousands of birds and it has been recognized as the largest falcon hospital and research center worldwide. Not only from the UAE, but other countries like Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain also send patients to this hospital.  
It is not just a hospital that takes care of falcons. Rather, the government has made it a place where people get a chance to watch the bird closely. They get the knowledge about research and development taking place in the hospital. People from all over the world come to see the unique place that offers state-of-the-art veterinary healthcare services solely for falcons.  Due to public demand, this hospital expanded the services in 2006 and started taking birds from all species for treatment and care. The massive expansion in the capacity and treatment facilities made it well-equipped for all species of birds.
Tourism industry in Abu Dhabi has flourished over last some years. You may dedicate this thriving growth to the many options this fascinating place provides. However, the credit equally goes to the way buildings, monuments and sightseeing areas have been developed here. No wonder why tourism here is one of the top revenue earners.
One thing that goes common in almost all the monuments, constructions or places of worship in Abu Dhabi is that you can feel the Arab culture in each of them. Forts and palaces display some classic historical artwork while monuments and worshipping areas are full of sculptures and writings in Arabic. This uniqueness carries on in the Arabian dishes too. When you are here, you just cannot miss any of these.
Hospital tourism, an innovative concept
The year 2007 came with a major breakthrough.  Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital launched a unique tourism program and never looked back. Today, it is one of the most prestigious and exciting things to visit ADFH while visiting Dubai.  Every year the number of visitors shows a great increase. It has been recognized among top tourist destinations in the country.
Launch of ADFH pet care center was another significant event in 2007. This is the best place for dog and cat grooming and training. The VIP boarding kennels are considered the best of it kind. Experts say that they are not only at par, but more sophisticated than European standards.  The center got well-equipped pet clinic in 2008 that has become a full-fledged animal hospital with most modern treatment facilities. Pet hospital has given further boost to the popularity and fame of this unique hospital.
Tourist packages

  • Normal package: First the tourists get knowledge about the historical importance and reference of falconry, the tradition, the tools and cultural importance. It is flowed by a guided tour to examination rooms where tourists get the chance of looking at treatment methodology. They are taken to the open aviary where falcons are kept and trained. The session takes around 2 hours and tourists can have snaps with elegant falcons sitting on the arm.
  • Comprehensive Package: It covers everything in the normal package plus a stupendous 5-star Arabian-intercontinental buffet lunch in the well-decorated sitting area. The package lasts around 3 hours.

Due to efficient handling of tour programs, it got the Middle East’s Responsible Tourism award last year by WTA. Tourists can visit the hospital on Sunday to Thursday from 10AM to 2PM local time. Ticket booking can be done online.  Visiting Falcon Hospital is a mind boggling experience. It has to be the mandatory part of Abu Dhabi tour.
Why it is special?
When discussing those numerous places of attractions in Abu Dhabi, there is a special mention about the Falcon Hospital. This is the biggest hospital amongst all other falcons existing around the globe. Given the facilities available, the veterinary hospital is largely chosen by people from everywhere. But it is not limited to medication alone; you can also enjoy a guided tour with many fabulous options to oversee. You will be taken to the museum of falcons and of course, the volary where you might be stunned to witness some unknown birds.
You might never have viewed raptors this close. As much exciting, it is to view the grooming area where falcons are taken, and so is their dining facility.
How to be here
Your package is inclusive of outstanding arrangements well concurring with your choices. You will be picked up from your place of stay in a luxurious car for commuting between Falcon Hospital and hotel. On the other hand, if your prime objective is to visit the hospital, pickup from the Airport too can be arranged. It is a 6 kilometre drive from airport towards southeast.
It is quite simple to reach Falcon Hospital on your own too. On E20, which is the Airport Road, you need to drive towards Falah city on the Sweihan Road. On reaching the E11 highway intersection, you need to look for a water tank as landmark. Take a right turn there and you start seeing hospital signboards. Follow them to reach there.
Tour operators assure a memorable time in Abu Dhabi, together with the high-quality service and customized packages. Don’t forget to taste the lip smacking Arabian delicacies here!

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