Film Festival Abu Dhabi

Film festivals are always fun and entertainment and when it is at Abu Dhabi, you can expect paramount of it. This year 2015, the grand fest will be held in October and November. Entries will close by mid of July and screening will happen after that. This year, 2015 Sat, Sep 5 - Sep 14, Jakarta International Expo

Abu Dhabi film festival has a history of just 8 years, but it has carved a special image in the minds of film lovers. It helps in bringing the best talent of the industry in Abu Dhabi. Top creative people of the industry mark their presence in the festival. The capital city is famous in the world for excellent quality infrastructure and spectacular tourist places.

The fundamental objective behind projecting Abu Dhabi as a great destination for international film festival is projecting it as a cultural hub that welcomes the diversity of languages, beliefs and thought processes. ADFF is working meticulously for cultivating the understanding and appreciation for good cinema in local, as well as international audience.  Last film festival got a grand success when more than 2000 submissions came from 102 countries across the globe. There were more than 90 long and 70 short films were screened.  World’s renowned film personalities were present to grace the occasion. Those who performed exceptionally well received acclaim and accolade from the jury as well as spectators.

Certainly, ADFF has given an excellent platform to Arab films so that the rest of the world gets exposed to the joys, sorrows and perceptions of Arab people. Of course, screening good films of other countries make Arab film producers and actors get exposed to other countries. Organizers are absolutely satisfied with the performance so far. Surely a festival like this enhances the level of Arab film industry and triggers the thinking process of directors and writers about new subjects and concepts. When the best of the world cinema comes together in a single film festival, it is a good learning process for filmmakers.

The biggest beauty of such film festivals is that they give exposure of all types of films e.g. full-length feature films, documentaries, animation films, fiction and narrative films. There are various categories of awards to promote different facets of filmmaking (on screen and off screen). Other than regular categories, special awards like film critics award or jury recommendations are considered for outstanding performances. Film festival Abu Dhabi is a feast to film lovers with a wide variety of classic films screened at one place!

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