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Season has a big significance in helping people decide their holiday destination. This is the reason some tourist spots are well preoccupied before the winter arrives while some others are fully capacitated before the summer. An incredible aspect about Abu Dhabi is that even if you are here in summers, the hotels, restaurants and clubs have got all the desired facilities. So without having to worry about the temperature playing a spoilsport, you may simply come over. Air-conditioning is a usual practice here and you will notice that everywhere – from hotel rooms to cars to all other places.

Allowing you to forget the soaring temperatures and unbearable heat outside, here is the fully air-conditioned Jazz Bar. And the AC inside is so super sophisticated that you almost feel like putting on a pullover or cardigan. Placed amid a pleasantly cool environment, you can simply forget the number of beer rounds you did. Some of the rare inclusions here, like fruit extracted strawberry margaritas, are enormously popular. They on one hand are a great way to beat the heat and on the other, to energize yourself for enjoying jazz tunes on the world-class musical band. So soulful music in the club is a surplus attraction for you to cool the nerves and remain laid back.

Get ready to listen to some of the top numbers that the Band play at Jazz Bar. Particularly if you are on this bar on weekends, you must be an early bird; if not, you miss the chance. Even on Mondays, it is the ladies night and so this day is most suitable for females. Jazz Bar has been constructed and adorned with extravagance. Every property that makes it sound chic has been perfectly used; so the bar interior successfully does what it is expected to do!

In addition to the Jazz Bar, you can see a lot of other bars too. There are numerous places that provide the glimpse a vigorous Abu Dhabi nightlife. Wherever you move, don’t forget to take along a person who is acquainted with every part. A good travel agent will, apart from doing all the bookings for you, send a caretaker or guide. At times, the drivers they send for our comfortable movements, himself is a guide. Therefore, it is never a bad idea to have a travel agency booked earlier as the officials will happily help you at every instance.

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