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A vacation in Abu Dhabi has lots of amazing surprises for you. Rightly meant to be chosen as your next holiday destination, you can be stunned with the range of sightseeing options and activities to do here. In addition to the vegetarian and non-vegetarian lip smacking delicacies, adventuring choices and the very feel of desert safari, Abu Dhabi is also renowned for its chronological monuments. These old time buildings have been raised with kid gloves and are worth a visit for every traveler.

What is special?

In this range, Qasr al-Husn is a prominent edifice. This is actually a white palace fort construction of which dates back to 1761. The building stands proud to be known as Abu Dhabi’s oldest construction, during the reign of Al-Nahyan family. Historical significance of this fort gets far more evident when you learn that the majestic family, during the eighteenth century till 1966, reigned on Abu Dhabi from here.  Though not open officially, you may get to see it under special permission from the Cultural Foundation. Being a quite old construction, its overhaul too is on the cards.

Construction peculiarities

You can visualize artistic lavishness of the palace from a long distance. Get close and you there you see it adorned with Portuguese tiles which provide it a rare distinction. Just as many other forts you have seen, the entrance has a large wooden door and a small one which opens for visitors. The scene inside is quaint yet lavish; it has long palm gardens and big courtyards – a pleasant opportunity for you to roam or rest.

View within the fort is quite panoramic. It has majestic corridors, roof hangings, finely designed walls, and much more. Be ready to witness some unique handwork in the paintings and writings therein.

Getting at Qasr al-Husn is simple. Particularly when you have a dedicated tour package with a tour operator, you will not miss any of these classy and matchless monuments. You will always be escorted by experienced and cordial guides to take through every corner of this fort, as well as for any other spot of tourist or historical importance. It is a special gesture to serve guests with healthy mineral water, tangy snacks and best quality meals both times.

Make the most of your stay in Abu Dhabi. With so much to view, taste and feel here, you got to have equally special arrangements and take sweet memories along!

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