Ramadan And Eid Festival At Abu Dhabi

Ramadan is the month for self-control, benevolence, religious activities, and getting rid of all that is bad and unethical. It purifies the body, mind and soul because people fast for the whole day and engage in religious activities and prayer in the evening. Islamic culture has a great recognition and importance of this holy month. Eid is the peak of the celebrations and it is the time when people spend good time with each other after one month of fasting. They call others for special dinners and exchange gifts and other things. Charity is equally important during the month of Ramadan. People help others who have been deprived of basic necessities of life.

Ramadan and Eid are the most happening days in Abu Dhabi. Thousands of people travel worldwide to feel the cheer and enthusiasm in the air. Though the festival has deep religious references, people celebrate it with great enthusiasm all over the world. Being a prominent tourist place, Abu Dhabi offers a lot of exciting things to the tourists.

Shops, markets and malls flood with clothes, utensils, household stuff, electronic items and jewelry. It is a time for shopping when people buy various things for friends and relatives. There are special discount offers and attractive gifts offered to the customers. Local people and tourists avail the best deal to buy stuff during Ramadan and Eid time. Not only expensive malls, but traditional souks also get flooded with people.

Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Center is the prominent cultural place in the city where various events take place round the year. Famous Ramadan and Eid festival get organized on the eve of Eid and it lasts around one month. It is a complete family event where a wide range of activities is there for all age groups. For shopping lovers, it is a grand feast because innumerable varieties of consumable items, electronics, gift items, apparels and many more. Traditional dance and music add colors of entertainment and fun.

It is a great experience to visit Abu Dhabi during Ramadan and Eid. Though there are a few restrictions and do’s and don’ts, it is a great experience overall. Various activities get organized during the celebrations and attractive prizes and gifts are distributed after the event. It is a total fun time that people enjoy like anything. Abu Dhabi offers an exotic galore of entertainment and excitement during Ramadan and Eid Festival. It is an experience worth taking!

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