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Some people just hate rooftop restaurants or bars, but for some it is the best place in the world. If you belong to the latter category, then Relax@12 is as exciting for you as the name is.  It is one of the most stylish bars in Abu Dhabi capable of changing the moods with superbly comfortable seating, a cool ambiance, and the ultimate collection of wines. And all these fit your pocket. It is not at all extraordinary expensive. The platter size is reasonable and servings are generous.

The sleek rooftop bar treats the guests with exotic platters and smooth spirits to make the evening just remarkable. The gentle and attentive people don’t give a chance to keep the glass empty. The chefs are masters of their art and serve the best Sushi, Tapas, and many other delicacies. If you want to tickle the taste buds with excellent choices of oriental bites, then you are sitting at the right place. Step in when the sun sets and see the outside scene gently fading out and the magnificent night covers everything in a mystic silence. Get settled and order one more drink, just to celebrate the night. Of course, DJ helps in making the right mood by playing a soothing number. The name justifies itself, Relax@12.

Superb night views keep you engaged and the dance floor bangs with fully loaded music and beats. It’s a time to dance and take the party to the ultimate height. DJ Rose RC graces the occasion and rocks the entire dance floor till night fades out. The bar opens till 3AM on weekends and 2AM on weekdays, so you have ample time to rock the floor.  Surprisingly, the bar plays some the soft and pleasant numbers in a low volume. You will be overwhelmed to see the nicely cushioned huge chairs around the tables and perfect soothing lights placed in an angle that doesn’t bother the eyes.  Service is quite prompt and you are never kept waiting endlessly for a drink or platter.

Spending an evening at Relax@12 ensures that you are fully charged for the weekend. Spend a full day in the business meetings or in the office and get yourself soaked into dance, music, drinks and food. There can be no big reward for a terrible day!

An exotic ambiance, cool natural surroundings and stupendous food are the three reasons one should not miss it!

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