SAX Bar Abu Dhabi

Sometimes you are so tired the thought of going out for a drink makes you sick.  Sitting in a room with a mug of beer attracts more than spending time in the hustles and bustles of a bar. What if you get the same tranquility and peaceful surroundings in a bar? Surely you would like to rush there as early as possible. Yes, Sax bar is one of such places where you can just sit and drink. Unwind in a classy environment where melodious music enhances the effect of the best Martini you have tasted ever. Though you don’t get a plethora of choices of liquor or beer, you don’t bother about it anyways!

The sound system is very god and that makes it a great place to dance. Even if you are not in a mood of climbing on the dance floor, there is an option of watching others doing it. You may end up sitting alone and everyone except you dancing on the floor. Club has a power-packed calendar where different promotions themes like Cabin Crew night, ladies night, etc. Like any other public place in Abu Dhabi, you should be mindful about the outfit, especially on Tuesdays.  Wear smart casual dresses, formal clothes, or business attire. There is a strict NO to revealing dresses, shorts, miniskirts, torn jeans, etc.

Sax bar is located at the most happening part of the city and that makes it one of the most preferred bars of night walkers.  With an amazing combination of fun and melody, it keeps the crowd mesmerized whole night. No other bar has such a crowded dance floor and still favored by those who want to grab the quietest corner and sip the drink slowly. This is a peculiarity of Sax bar that it equally attracts all age groups and all types of people!

Get immersed in the charming surroundings and superbly charged aura. You want to spend a splendid evening and it brings the best possible for you. When a team of highly sophisticated bartenders is lined up to serve the best drink to the guests, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed.  Rush in the evening after 7PM and spend a few hours in a delightful environment where high-end club culture is waiting for you. Check the Ramadan timings because they may differ from the regular ones. Sax Bar is the paramount of nightlife in Abu Dhabi.

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