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Many people can’t even imagine that Abu Dhabi can offer a wonderful opportunity for scuba diving. Actually it shouldn’t be so surprising because we all know that there is the sea in Abu Dhabi. However, the fixation of desert with Abu Dhabi is so intense that we forget this fact.  In fact, there are so many places in the city where you can challenge your ability and resilience to go deep in the water and explore the unexplored world. Don’t worry; you will be surrounded by experts and lifeguards who can handle any extreme situation.  First of all, the safety measures and quality parameters are so stringent that there is no scope for mishap!

Is it risky? Not at all, provided you follow the instructions meticulously! SCUBA means Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Since you carry an individual breathing apparatus, it gives a liberty of going deeper and spending a long time under water. Since we are not designed to live under water, it needs a little bit of practice and training. Once you get a grip on it, things become quite easy.

The thrill of scuba diving in Abu Dhabi Hire a reputed agency and enjoy a well-managed expedition. The thrill and sensation of going deep underwater are just beyond explanation. It is perhaps the best escape from the excessive heat of Abu Dhabi.  Don’t spend hot evenings in the air-conditioned room of the hotel; it may be relaxing but not entrancing. Come out instead, and plunge into the water. It opens a panorama of unseen wonders. You see magnificent creatures just a touch away. Master scuba instructors tell the intricacies and the rules of the game before you go in the water. Remember, you can see other people, but can’t talk to them. Hence, listen the instructions carefully and follow religiously.

Arabian Gulf has the highest temperature of water. Therefore, you can find some of the unique creatures that are not plentifully available in other locations. One of such creatures is Dugong or sea cow. It feeds on the sea grasses. There are Dolphins and Sharks as well. A different place is there for adventure seekers known as Fujairah. The place offers a different range of fish and other creatures. Some of the varieties you do not find anywhere in the gulf.

Abu Dhabi brings wonderful choices for scuba diving, book today to feel the thrill!

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