The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Visit to The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque fills your heart with a feeling of gratitude towards the almighty that keeps track of the smallest activity in the world and responsible for every good and bad happens to us. He takes care of us and keeps our heart filled with warmth of goodness. This grand mosque is a dream fulfilled by a visionary person who always believed that anything is possible if we are determined and committed.

The mosque is one of the best buildings of the UAE that lures thousands of people worldwide with the elegance and beauty. The statistics of this huge mosque are simply mind-boggling. 82 domes and four huge minarets constructed in typical Islamic style of architecture surround huge prayer halls that are one of the largest in the world. It is said that more than 40K people can do prayer together.

There are abundant places of pilgrimage significance all over the globe. Consequently, innumerable of travelers visit those places with their religious aspirations. However, you may find some rare locales which invite travelers as a sightseeing attraction too, in addition to being a place of worship. Abu Dhabi holds a rare recognition in that respect; particularly for the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque it holds. If you got plans to be in Abu Dhabi and are setting up your itinerary, you got good enough reasons to include the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

What is special?

So why is this grand mosque so special? Well, this is a historical monument which Sheikh Zayed built. He had an artistic mind and this clearly shows in the way every portion of this building has been raised. While the mosque is spacious enough to accommodate more than forty thousand worshippers at a time, the architecture holds a class of its own because of those one thousand pillars that make it stand firm. The building becomes truly special for its minarets which are 107 meters. It is easier to feel the intrinsic work as you witness the building’s marble sculpts.

Construction peculiarities

The mosque appears snowy from distance as it evidently comprises a blend of ceramics, semi-precious stones and marble. But in addition, don’t amaze if you notice some glitter in some areas – that is gold. Watch a rare hue emanating in those seven dangling crystal chandeliers which are gold plated. It is said that the mosque took more than two years to complete and it is an outstanding teamwork of more than 2000 craftsmen. If you have been to Turkey or Morocco, or have watched Taj Mahal in India, you may spot some similarity in their interiors.

Ask one the top preferred agencies to book your Abu Dhabi travel through a cost-effective and versatile pack. On the way to the mosque, you are taken to another fabulous place of worship called Sheikh Zayed’s mausoleum. Attendants keep reciting words from Quran here. To have a thorough look, you may take an English speaking guide here.

Barring the worshipping times, you may roam free in the campus however you must put on only the permissible dressing. The clothes should be loose-fitting long ones. Trendy clothes are allowed, but with restrictions. Skirts or pants till ankle length are ok, but the head should be covered with a scarf. Involve tour operator to have a hassle free visit and full view!

Made on the fundamental beliefs of the Holy Quran, which says that love and peaceful existence is the art of living, the mosque reflects the positive things of Islam to the rest of the world. Thousands of tourists from everywhere in the world visit the mosque and get amazed with this humongous place of worship. To reflect the purity and serenity of the place, architects have used pure white marble in and out. Carvings of Islamic style ornamentation and versus from the Holy Quran adorn the walls and pillars. The main dome is 280 feet tall and 105 feet in diameter, one of the largest of its kind.

It is the place of worship. Hence, there are a few code of conduct that everyone should follow. Entry is open for all, except on Fridays when only Muslims are allowed to enter in the premises. Dress rules have to be followed strictly. Guides and service staff explain about it prior to the visit.

You won’t even realize that you have stepped on a Gunnies Book record item. Yes, the huge carpet designed by Iranian artist Ali Khalili has been recognized as the largest hand-knotted carpet in the world. It has more than 2 million knots tied by 1200 or more craftsmen of Iran.

The magnificent building is amazing in the daylight, but the real beauty and charm comes out as the sun sets and the sky darkens. The whole building starts glowing with subtle fiber-optic lighting. People come in the night to admire the unexplainable charm and majesty of the huge structure.

You must keep half a day reserved for this magnificent mosque, it is worth seeing. It reflects the artistic mind and inclination of the creators putting their best efforts to make it a legend. The architectural class is one of the best in the world. Flawless workmanship and ultimate perfection stand it out distinctly in the world.

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