Go ahead with awesome Kayaking and water skiing in Abu Dhabi

Would you believe that Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE can offer an exciting opportunity of challenging the nerves by exciting water sports? It may sound astonishing, but absolutely true. Located from a stone’s throw distance, the mangroves not only preserve the valuable ecosystem of this place, but also open a unique panorama of natural beauty, flora and fauna, and adventure. The most incredible way of admiring the stunning beauty of this sprawling stretch will be riding on a kayak. It is possible to hire one from numerous tour operators. It is a great experience to ride on a boat and cover long stretches of water in the pristine silence. A good escape from the hustles and bustles of crowded cities!

Another water sports in Abu Dhabi is dhow cruise

Exciting kayaking tour

Though there are various options available, a popular destination is Al Rahba. It is a beautiful mangrove forest situated exactly half way between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Contact a good tour operator and fill in the forms. You will be given an extensive training session. It tells about the technique, directions, and a hand-drawn map to add excitement and thrill. Remember, the map is extremely important because you may lose track without it.

The expedition timings keep on changing (depending on the tides). Collect the supplies as instructed by the tour operator and hop into the speedboat. They take you to the open water that is so clear that the bottom is clearly visible.

Don’t worry; you will be accompanied with a guide or instructor who gives valuable information about the surroundings, ecology, and beautiful creatures around. Keep on paddling till you reach deep in the world of mangroves and be ready for a remarkable experience. A beautiful island surrounded with lush green bushes appears suddenly from nowhere. Spend some time there and rush back to Abu Dhabi. Though the arms are aching and feet are not ready for paddling, you have to continue it for another couple of hours. Surely, it is not a trip for luxury and comfort. However, those who love to challenge the nerves just like it.

Skiing: Feel the thrill of speed

If you are a speed lover and kayaking seems to be not much interesting to you, then it is possible to experience the excitement of speed by skiing and jet skiing activities available in Abu Dhabi. Whiz through challenging waves and water-ways and attain ultimate heights of ecstasy. There are various indoor and outdoor venues to enjoy this wonderful activity.
If you like to enjoy indoor ski slope, then one is under construction at the world-famous Marina Mall. It will be opened for people very soon. As per experts, it will be one of the most nerve-taking indoor ski slopes in the world. There is no reason to suspect it because Abu Dhabi has been superlative in every aspect so far. Outdoor Jet skiing is available with all top-notch hotels. There are private clubs also who have given license for the same.

Abu Dhabi is a place for total fun. Enjoy every moment of the vacation when you are in this grand city!

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