Women’s Handicraft Centre At Abu Dhabi

People visit around the globe for a variety of interests and purposes. Some people have vacationing in mind purely while for some people, it is an adventure all the way. In addition, a lot of tourists are driven by a specific geography’s art and culture while others are more inclined towards the history of the country. So travellers visiting Abu Dhabi too have numerous perspectives and accordingly, they pick their package. Knowing their tastes and preferences, a prolific agency provides customized packages. Under all circumstances, it is made sure that the travellers get a full platter of entertainment, fun, excitement and lip smacking delicacies.

Why it is Special?

In Abu Dhabi, you will see many centres that are run and managed by government organisations. Women’s Handicraft Centre is one of them. This centre is full of some exciting items that exhibit the original Emirati art in handicrafts. The moment you land up at the centre, variety of finely knit and stupendously presented handcrafted articles grab your attention. It is an equally special experience to witness women busy in their work and rolling out range of beautiful pieces in the form of baskets, bags, wall-hangings, etc. You are surprised to see the women meticulously incorporating different forms of weaving, threading, embroidering and knitting.

Not to mention, government exhibits a good example of preserving the local art in this way!

What and what not to do here

Don’t feel awkward if you are asked to get in shoeless. Whichever workshop you want to visit, you got to take shoes off. Also, photos are a strict no-no. If else you want to snap, you can do so only after the approval of concerned authorities.

Each handcrafted work here is a perfect mix of precision and quality. Most importantly, they are available at an affordable price. So you got good enough reasons to buy them, as a useful item or decorative item, and cherish the memory forever!

In addition, you may also want to adorn your hands with the Arabian designs in henna tattoo. It may probably not last more than three weeks, but perfection of the tattoo artist is something you will always cherish in your mind.

Ask the agency to have this in your list of attractions. For a broad idea, you must know that the centre is located behind the building of General Women’s Union which can be reached over Al Karamah St.

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