Abu Dhabi Desert Safari is a Journey to the Dreamland

If the word ‘desert’ pops up a few things like sand dunes, camels and oasis in your mind, then you are one of those who haven’t experienced desert safari in Abu Dhabi. All the above-mentioned things exist there but there is much beyond that. Exciting adventure sports, hot air ballooning, paragliding, dune bashing and a lot of dance and music!

There are a plethora of activities waiting for you when you book an Abu Dhabi desert safari. Every year thousands of people experience the unexplainable thrill and excitement of this wonderful place. There has been incredible increase in the number of tourists in the recent times due to inclusion of adventure sports, paragliding, bike runs and many other activities. The place has become a true family entertainment where each one of the family has something or the other. Tourists can choose from the variety of plans offered by tour operators. Charges depend on the activities and facilities offered in the package.

A few sites in the desert of Abu Dhabi have historical references. The famous ‘Empty land’ or ‘Rub Al Khali’ is spread across more than 600,000 square kilometers and there are some archeological sites with an aging if millions of years.

What is included in Abu Dhabi desert safari?

A desert safari is a half day, full day or overnight trip in the barrens of golden sand where unlimited fun and thrill is guaranteed. Various tour operators offer a variety of plans suitable to the needs of different people. Witnessing sunset, dune bashing, participating in adventure sports, camel farming, and spending night in traditional Arabic tents are top attractions.

Half -day tour: It starts in the afternoon and gets over by night. Sightseeing, camel farming and watching sunset are included in the program. Tasty BBQ and delicious Arabic delicacies are part of the stupendous traditional dinner. After dinner, people come back to the modern routine lifestyle.

Overnight stay: This is the longest program that starts in the afternoon and ends next day morning. Evening snacks, dinner and breakfast next morning are part of the package. Many tour operators include falcon show and Arabic music as complimentary attractions.

Dinner only: This is the shortest of the lot, ideal for those who don’t want to miss the glory of desert safari but don’t have enough time. Tourists are picked up in the evening and again dropped at the destination post-lunch.

Abu Dhabi desert safari shatters the misconception that desert is a dull and lull place where there is no fun and excitement. In fact, they have become one of the most enchanting events today. It is a truly mystic experience to spend night in the untouched widespread of silky sand. The beauty increases manifold during full-moon nights.

Travel to Abu Dhabi is not complete without taking the magnificent experience of desert safari. The most astonishing places are situated not more than two hours drive from the main city. The best quality 4-wheel drive vehicles take you to the place where you have most memorable experience of life.

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